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Here at Elemental Massage we believe in using high quality products.

For our massage oil, we use a combination of all organic oils mainly from Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene, Oregon. The mixture varies because it is mixed every couple of months to keep the oil fresh and sometimes the oil that we want is not in stock. In general, the oils used are; apricot, hemp, grapeseed, avocado, kukui and shea.

Many of our essential oils are also from Mountain Rose herbs. Valerie has been using essential oils for over a decade. Our essential oils are used to to give the client an unique and calming atmosphere to their massage. 

We also source some exotic oils from Yoga Flow.  They carry a wonderful variety of blends and single oils that are not available in many places. We highly recommend asking for some Yoga Nidra to end your massage. 

Last but not least are the oils we stock from 12 Corners. These are amazing blends that are truly made with love and thoughtfulness.  They will definitely take you away to another world.

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